There are many children in our local area who cannot afford an education. With your help, we can help them by providing education and school supplies.

To Sponsor a child, people follow the sponsor link in the table. Enter the name of the child you would like to sponsor in the subject of the message.
Choeun MalenineChoeun Malenine - Krou Yeung CentreMalenine is now studying Khmer in grade 9, and English in Grade 8. She lives in a poor family with distant relatives. Her mother is divorced twice and now lives and works at the Cambodian-Vietnamese border. Her father left when her mother was pregnant. She has two other half brothers and sisters with her step father who divorced her mother in 2011. Malenine wants to change her family situation by becoming a teacher or doctor in the future.Sponsor Malenine
Nat KimtheangNat Kimtheang - Sponsor a Child - Krou Yeung CentreKimtheang lives with her mother and father and other two siblings close to the school. Their parents sell ice-cream with a walking-ice box. They walk many miles a day to sell ice cream for survival. She was unfortunately born with epilepsy and sometimes she gets seizures during class. She is now receiving treatment from Kandhabopha hospital in Siem Reap. Kimtheang studies Khmer in grade 3 and English in grade 4.Sponsor Kimtheang
Kha SokhaoKha Sokhao - Sponsor a Child - Krou Yeung CentreSokhao was born with a genetic disease that made his skin so dry it often breaks. He is unable to close his eyes. Sokhao need to apply cream to his skin every day. His mother must take him to get the cream from one of the Kampong Cham health centres. Sokhao’s parents are poor and migrated from lowland to this area about 6 years ago. They rent a small house, living with four other members of the family. His father is a motodop driver, and mother sells items at home. Sokhao now studies Khmer in grade 4 and English also in grade 4.Sponsor Sokhao
Moeung SochivaonMoeung Sochivaon - Sponsor a Child - Krou Yeung CentreSochivaon’s parents migrated from Posat province 5 years ago. His father is a construction worker and his mother is a cleaner in a hotel. Both of their parents are working hard to struggle for survival and to buy a piece of land for his home. He is now learning Khmer and English in grade 2.Sponsor Sochivaon
Vorn ChantreaVorn Chantrea - Sponsor a Child - Krou Yeung CentreChantrea’s mother passed away last year, leaving Chantrea and her two siblings. Her father is a farmer and living in Lumpath district. She is now learning English in grade 5 and Khmer in grade 6. She walks 1 km from home to school every day. She lives with her aunt who can only support her living cost, not her school fees.Sponsor Chantrea
Plan BunethPlan Buneth - Sponsor a Child - Krou Yeung CentreBuneth is from the Tompoun ethnic group in Leun Chung village, about 10 km from Banlung town. Buneth learns English in grade 2 and Khmer in grade 3. Coming from a poor family, he is supported by his aunt who takes him to school every day. Sponsor Buneth