Our Founder and Director:

Sopheap Yin Krou Yeung CentreMr. Sopheap Yin is the founder of Krou Yeung Centre. Born in 1972 in Siem Riep, he experienced the Khmer Rouge era as a child and its aftermath. After graduating high school in 1994, he went to the University of Phnom Penh to study Law. To be able to afford his studies, in addition to his mothers support (his father died in 1979), he raised chickens, planted sugar-cane and fixed shoes in local markets. He lived in the Unnaloam Buddhist Pagoda (Convent) to keep his living costs to a minimum.

Since his Bachelor graduation Sopheap has worked in different positions in NGOs and the UN, such as:

  • Translator and financial assistant for the NGO “Health Unlimited” in Ratanakiri during which he also founded Krou Yeung Centre.
  • Legal advisor of land rights for “PLG-UNDP” in Ratanakiri.
  • Project coordinator for land-rights and natural resources for “Community Legal Education Centre” (CLEC).
  • Legal specialist with the “Access to Justice of UNDP” in Phnom Penh.
  • Project coordinator of a cultural development in provinces of the north of Cambodia for the “International Labour Organization” in Phnom Penh.

He further studied Law to graduate with his Masters in 2009, as well as married and became the father of a son and three daughters. At the end of 2011, he then decided with his family to take on the director position at Krou Yeung School full time.

General Manager Touch Mean:

Touch Mean - Krou Yeung CentreBorn in 1982 in a refugee camp at the Khmer Thai Border, Mr. Touch Mean was raised by foster parents as his mother died shortly after his birth. After the Peace Accord of Paris in 1991, his family came to the Ratanakiri province where he went to high school and studied Business Management graduating in 2007 with a Bachelor degree.

Mr. Mean joined the Krou Yeung team as a volunteer in 2001 and helped build the school into what it is today. He taught English, built play grounds and classrooms, assisted student transportation and developed teaching methodologies. Right after his graduation, he spent a year as a general manager’s assistant in a graphic design company in Siem Reap. He then returned to Krou Yeung Centre as the general manager’s assistant in 2008 and then was nominated as the general manager in 2009.


Our Team:

Our Full Time Teachers:

Our full time teachers are Khmer and English teachers who convey knowledge to all levels of students from the young years of 6 all the way up to 20 year old ones. We usually have a small number of volunteers from Europe, the USA and Australia with us to teach English. If you are interested in volunteering, go here.

Krou Yeung Centre

Our Part Time Teachers:

Our part time teachers teach classes mainly around noon and in the evening-hours. Our evening classes are the most advanced levels we have in our school. Our part time teachers are only English teachers as we don’t teach any Khmer in the evenings – all teachers have graduated at least with a “New Headway” Advanced class.

Krou Yeung Centre

Our Organizational Team:

Our organizational team consists of class administrators and general administrators. Our class administrators ensure the smooth operations for our part-time and full-time class-schedule and teachers. Our general administrators are not just the good soul of the school, but also make sure the kids get picked-up by the right people, are nurses if there is any accident, visitors are shown around and new students settle in properly.

Our Security Team:

Our security team secure our school 24 x 7 and make sure all the children are safe during the school hours and breaks.

Former General Managers

Our first General Manager, Mrs. Daline Seng

Born in 1982 in Kratie, Mrs Seng moved with her parents to Ratanakiri in 1995. She graduated secondary school in 1998 and worked as a government official in the department of water resources. She was the first volunteer to join Krou Yeung Centre in 2001 and then was nominated as the first general manager one year later. Aside from managing Krou Yeung, she also taught students and was out accountant and librarian. She was one of the most dedicated staff members we’ve ever had and without whom Krou Yeung Center would not exist as it is today. Since 2005 Mrs. Seng has been working for an international NGO but is still engaged at KYC as a technical advisor – for which we are very thankful.

Our second General Manager Mrs. Lang Siev

Siev Lang was born in 1979 in Battambang and came to Ratanakiri in 1995. After graduating high school in 1999, she started working for a local airline company. She joined the Krou Yeung team as a volunteer in late 2001 and worked as the administrator and financial accountant until late 2004 when she was elected to becom. Mrs. Sive Lang was and still is very dedicated to Krou Yeung Centre. She helped build up our strong reputation, the quality of our teaching and the morale among staff, parents and students. Mr. Lang Siev left Krou Yeung in 2006 to take on the financial manager position of a local NGO, but is still engaged as a advisor for KYC.

Our third General Manager Mrs. Sophavy Long (Mom)

Educated in Phnom Penh, Mom graduated high school in 2000 and started working as a kindergarten teacher in a local school. In late 2002, Mom left for Ratanakiri with her mother and brother. After arriving in Banlung City, Mom taught English in her spare time, as well as being a transportation assistant. Later in 2003 she joined KYC full time as a kindergarten teacher. She was elected as our third general manager in 2006. Leading the school without a director, she had to face many challenges such as increasing numbers of students, full-time staff turnover (local NGOs started hiring massively) and expansion of our school facilities. Having left her personal note on KYC during her time as a General Manager, she decided to not continue after her 3 year term and rather focus on her personal life. Just like her predecessors though, she is still engaged as a technical advisor of KYC.