This is a topic close to our hearts.

With the schools infrastructure and support from donors, we are building a foundation to help people in need. We want to help by:

  • Providing indigenous people with free education in their homes

  • Providing free healthcare to those that need it most

  • Providing children of poor families education free of charge (existing today)

  • Supporting indigenous families, by improving their living standards, whilst preserving their cultural heritage

Being located in one of the poorest provinces in Cambodia we know we can make a big difference. We want to build a foundation that ensures 100% of donations arrive with those in need.

Krou Yeung Centre

Sponsor a child to come to our school:

Whilst we do some have children of poor families who study for free at our school, the financial demand is overwhelming. We therefore want to use this section to list children we know of, who can not afford access to education and would like to use your support to change this. You can donate here.



“We don’t know what Shokav has”:

Krou Yeung Centre Shokav

This was the first comment we heard about Shokav, one of our students with severe skin problems. Investigating the matter with the help of Dr. Ruben Azevedo (practicing doctor in Germany), we were able to determine a initial diagnosis and found that Sokhav has a genetic imperfection called “Ichthyosis congenita”. As this was only an initial “picture” diagnosis we had to have Sokhav examined by a doctor on-site. Luckily, we had two dutch doctors visiting who confirmed the diagnosis. We have now developed a fitted therapy plan, that should help the 7 year old Sokhav to improve his living quality.


To donate funds and help children like Sokhav, please go to this link. If you’d like to donate your time, to volunteer at the school, please go here for more information.