Our school was from its creation on dependent on local and foreign supporters and without them we could have not brought this school up to the standard it reached today. We therefore dedicate this page to all people who helped us in the past, we want to especially thank the following people:

IMG 0815- For supporting our students and school with materials:
  - Mrs. Delphine Johner and Mr. Olivier Valloir from France
  - Mrs. Susanne Werner from Germany
  - Mrs. Irmgard and Mr. Paul Dressler from Germany
  - Mrs. Ivonne and Mr. Rick Rizen from the Netherlands
  - Mr. Ruedi Steiger from Switzerland

- For financially supporting our school expansions in the past
  - Mrs. Helen Pery and her husband from Australia
  - Mrs. Sally and Mr. David Powel from Australia
  - Mr. Lim Vannak from Cambodia
  - Mrs. Green Gill from Australia
  - Mrs. Christine Briasco from New Zealand

- For financially supporting “Our Dream” initiative
  - Irmgard and Paul Dressler from Germany

- Our volunteer teachers/supporters
  - Mrs. Anjok Kropi from Cambodia
  - Mrs. Prak Phatsorn from Thailand

If you are interested in supporting us than please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.