Our School

Our Background
Krou Yeung Centre is a private, non religious and non political educational institution working towards a participation in our countries development by providing professional education services to our young generation.

School 3Our History

In early 2001 Mr. Sopheap Yin founded Krou Yeung Centre as a nonprofit institution to provide English classes to local people as well as a public library. Based on the high demand 2 classrooms were build throughout the year and classes were hold by local volunteers. All this was established with the help of the first generation of Krou Yeung students as well as Mr. Lim Vannak, a close friend of Sopheap Yin. To ensure the sustainability and independence of the center and to be able to cope with the demand, at the time 300 students, the Krou Yeung Centre added a charged Kindergarten service and computer class to its portfolio in late 2001. 
In the middle of 2002 the Center was officially inaugurated by the provincial governor Mr. Moung Poy, as it had grown up to 600 students and 17 teachers/volunteers at the time. As the Kindergarten and Computer classes were not able to finance the Center as a whole anymore, first fees for English classes were raised from families who could afford it.
With still growing student numbers, in 2004 the School changed to a fully privatized Center owned by Mr. Sopheap Yin, now Director of the Center, with fees charged to every student to ensure political and religious independence, sustainability and the quality of education. By today Krou Yeung Centre has grown up to 1700 students and 42 teachers providing Kindergarten services, English full-time and part-time classes as well as regular Khmer classes (common knowledge).



Our Principals and Vision 

School 2Our school is run financially fully transparent and is committed to a quality education. On an annual basis we are publishing our financial report as well as holding teacher conferences to ensure that our curriculum is reflecting skills required in today’s world. With recruiting our own talented students, we ensure that our teachers are passionate about Krou Yeung Centre and passing on their English skills.

Our Vision
We want to provide professional and affordable education to all Cambodian children to prepare them for their personal and professional future.

Our Structure
Our main school services are divided in full-time classes and part-time classes. The school is lead by our director Sopheap Yin supported by a general manager as well as full-time and part-time teamleads who are responsible for all organizational challenges a school-schedule brings with it:

  • Full time services we offer:
    Kindergarten for children of 3 and older
       We are providing kindergarten in classes of 25 with one female teacher and one assistant. Here we convey social standards, arts, singing as well as
       basic reading and writing skills in Khmer and English as well as the children are able to play in a secure environment.
    Full time English classes for children of the age of 6 and older
       In our full time English classes we teach our children English from the grade 1 up to grade 6 following the Oxford University “New Headway”
       standard, but also convey common knowledge which are taught in regular Khmer classes. Classes are only passed when Exams to the Headway
       standard are successfully taken.
    Full time Khmerclasses for children of the age of 6 and older
       In our full time Khmer classes we teach children regular knowledge following the Cambodian school standards. Topics taught are social studies,
       geography, mathematics, art, Khmer language, etc. 

    Part time services we offer:
    Part time English classes for children of the age of 8 and older
       We offer daily English classes to part time students between 11:30 to 12:30 and 17:00 and 19:00 following the Oxford University “New Headway”
       standard from the “Beginner” level to “Advanced”. Classes are only passed when Exams to the Headway standard are successfully taken.

School 1Our Infrastructure

We are currently undergoing a major milestone in our schools history with building a completely new school building consisting 21 new classrooms - this will enable us to consolidate our current classrooms into one building as well as providing us with more capacity to take on more children. At the moment we have 18 open air classrooms to teach all classes, a playground and all facilities a school would need - local shop, security, registration, etc.. Have a look for yourself in our Galleries section.

Our teaching standards
Many of our current teachers are students of our first generation - which we are especially proud of. We teaching to the Oxford University “New Headway” standard and ensure that children go through all appropriate levels from the “Beginner” stage up to “Advanced”. Children are only advancing to the next level if they have successfully taken exams to the headway standards. This qualifies our students to take on competitive jobs in local NGOs, Phnom Penh or even abroad. But not only are conveying knowledge to our students, but also ensure through continuos training of our teachers that we are constantly improving.


Our track-record:
Many of our former students are successful in today’s work force filling positions in NGOs, continuing to study at Universities in Phnom Penh and abroad or filling positions in our government, building the future of our country. In this section we want to sample a few of them to give you an impression and how Krou Yeung Centre changed their life:

Mr. Sopheak Noun