KYC Internal

Welcome to the Krou Yeung Internal section where you will find following information:

▪ - Latest Class-Schedules
 Please find enclosed our latest class-schedule
- Latest Annual Report
We are currently working on our 2011 Annual report and will publish it shortly.

- Educational Links
▪ - Headway  We are teaching English according to the Oxford University Headway Standard. On the above link you can select your headway grade and practice your English

- by playing educational English games, listen to conversations or test your vocabulary.

If you search for an online dictionary, than we recommend the Cambridge University online dictionary. It provides you with a word-definition, media-file to listen to the word in British- and American-English as well as sample sentences.
- on YouTube.

For a fun experience to learn English we recommend you watch one of Misterduncan’s English youtube-videos every day for practice and to build up your vocabulary.
If you want to subsidize your English learning at Krou Yeung Centre with some free online lessons - then we recommend the above webpage where you can sign-up for free, watch videos and complete exercises.