Children to Support

a Phanny Christine

Back ground
Phanny Christine is the 3rd child out of a family of 7. With a monthly total income of 180 US$, Christines family can not afford for their children to receive quality education.
Phanny Christine will be going to our Grade 1 Khmer class and Grade 1 English class, for a total of 240 US$
Saskia and Corne, two traveling doctors from the Netherlands are supporting Phanny Christine


MalinineBack ground
Malinine has been abandoned by her parents and now lives with her aunt, who can not afford to pay for education.
Malinine will be going to our Khmer Grade 4 class and be supported with a bicycle for a total of 200 US$
Marianne a retired social worker from Germany


ChanrathBack ground
Chanrath has been abandoned by his mother and now has to live under very poor circumstances. Sponsorship
Half a school year of Khmer Grade 2 and the full school year of Khmer Grade 3, as well as our bus-service for a total of 350 US$. Sponsors
Anke and Stephan, working in the financial industry in Germany and England.