Our Dream

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This is a topic close to our heart: with the schools infrastructure and support from donors, we are planning to build a foundation to help people in need with 4 main objectives

      • - Provide indigenous people with free education in their homes (mobile education)
        - Provide children of poor families education free of charge (existing today)
        - Help people with medical needs
        - Support indigenous families to improve their living standards and preserve their cultural heritage

Being located in one of the poorest provinces in Cambodia it is easy to make already a big difference with a small effort. We want to build a foundation that ensures 100% transparency and ensure donations arrive 100% with people in need. That is why we will be publishing specific projects in this section which you can contact us about through eMail on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to see if you can help us to make a difference:

Sponsor a child to come to our school:

Whilst we have children of poor families study for free at our school, the demand for giving poor children the opportunity to study at our school for free is overwhelming and not realizable for us as an institution. We therefore want to use this section to list children we know of, who can not effort access to education and would like to use your support to change this. Please follow this link for a listing so far. 

Rosica- Rosica has a hearing problem:
Rosica is a 6 year old student in our school and everybody was accepting that she is nearly deaf as apparently attested by several do

ctors and experienced in many occasions. For example when a teacher enters the classroom all children stand up and greet the teacher. As Rosica sits in the first row by herself she is not recognizing either the teacher to enter nor the whole class to stand up and greet the teacher. Spending some time with her we recognized that she actually can hear very little on her left ear and a bit more on a right ear. She was equipped with one 9 year old hearing aid for her right ear but in practice this left her to be nearly deaf, as an outsider, in dangerous situations (e.g. she can’t hear traffic approaching) and most of all it gave her problems with learning how to speak. So with being 6 years old Rosica can not speak properly.
After some research we found out about ‘All Ears Cambodia’ an NGO which is specifically geared towards Cambodians with hearing problems. We arranged a appointment with ‘All Ears Cambodia’ and sent Rosica with her parents to Phnom Penh to meet them. After a hearing-test it was clear that Rosica can get the majority of her hearing ability back, basedallearscamb logo

on a combination of an professional ear-cleansing, specifically to her ear-channels adjusted hearing-pieces and two new hearing-aids which we are financing together with her parents. Rosica can now hear properly and we set-up one-on-one lessons for her so that the 6 year old can learn how to speak properly. We are certain that this will change Rosicas future entirely and are happy and thankful that we were able to achieve this. A big Thank You goes especially to ‘All Ears Cambodia’ who do great work on the ground in Cambodia and is an NGO more than worthwhile to support.


Shokav- “We don’t know what Sokhav has”: 

This was the first comment we heard about Sokhav, one of our students with severe skin problems. Investigating the matter with the help of Dr. Ruben Azevedo (practicing doctor in Germany) we were able to determine a initial diagnosis and encountered that Sokhav has a genetic imperfection called “Ichthyosis congenita”. As this was only a initial “picture” diagnosis we had to have Sokhav examined by a doctor on-site. With luck on our side, we had two dutch doctors visiting who confirmed the diagnosis. We now developed a fitted therapy plan, which once we have all resources together should help the 7 year old Sokhav to improve his living quality.