Sopheap Yin Krou Yeung CentreIn early 2001 Mr. Sopheap Yin founded Krou Yeung Centre as a nonprofit institution to provide English classes to local people.

Based on the high demand, two classrooms were built throughout that year and classes were held by local volunteers.

All this was established with the help of the first generation of Krou Yeung students, as well as Mr. Lim Vannak, a close friend of Sopheap Yin. To ensure the sustainability and independence of the center and to be able to cope with the demand (at the time 300 students), Krou Yeung Centre added a charged Kindergarten service and computer class to its portfolio in late 2001.

Krou Yeung Centre

In the middle of 2002, the Center was officially inaugurated by governor Mr. Moung Poy, as it had grown to 600 students and 17 teachers/volunteers at the time. As the Kindergarten and Computer classes were not able to finance the Center as a whole anymore, first fees for English classes were raised from families who could afford it.

With still growing student numbers, in 2004 the School changed to a fully privatized Center owned by Mr. Sopheap Yin; now Director of the Center. Fees are charged to every student to ensure political and religious independence, sustainability and the quality of education.

Today, Krou Yeung Centre has grown to two sites, the original Ban Lung and the new Steung Treng site. Across both sites, there are over 3000 students and 50 staff providing Kindergarten services, English full-time and part-time classes as well as regular Khmer classes.

Krou Yeung School

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